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The Mission


The Mission


BIGVISION was created in 2015...

to help restore hope and purpose for young adults in recovery in New York City. BIGVISION provides fun events and productive opportunities in a sober environment, as we strive to eliminate the stigma associated with substance use disorder.

What happens when a person leaves a treatment center? What comes next? How does a person committed to sobriety function in the real world once they leave the safety of a monitored sober living environment? Filling that void is where BIGVISION comes in!


The Inspiration

The Inspiration

Isaac goldberg volkmar desperately wanted to be part of a community

Isaac battled addiction for years. In 2013, he successfully completed a rehab program and was on a path to recovery. He longed to have a meaningful, happy, sober existence. Unfortunately, while trying to acclimate back to “life as normal,” the pressures and expectations led to debilitating anxiety and fear.

Isaac might have been saved with a strong, supportive community to draw strength from. He needed a safe and comfortable way to connect and socialize with other young adults, removed from an environment where drugs and alcohol were a part of everyday life.

Sadly, it is too late for Isaac. But it’s not too late for the other young people who are struggling to cope and survive. Isaac was a loving, compassionate, young man who was always helping others, and with Isaac as our inspiration, we are going to continue with his mission.


The Vision

The Vision


inspiring new passions with bigvision


BIGVISION is a sober environment, where recovering millennials have the chance to connect, grow and have fun with others who are experiencing the same struggles.

BIGVISION bridges the gap between recovery and integrating back into society for recovering young adults. It creates opportunities to socialize with supportive, stress-free and fun activities.

BIGVISION is fortunate to have supporters with a variety of skills who generously share their knowledge and expertise.  Their time and effort gives hope, confidence and direction to young people who are struggling to find their way.

From fun, social get-togethers and sports competitions, to embracing new passions, or just hanging out over coffee, BIGVISION is a safe environment. It fosters peer connections and provides a myriad of opportunities to help recovering young adults lead productive lives – free of drugs and alcohol.


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"BIGVISION is much more than an organization, it is a family. Eve Goldberg is a positive force who has used her experience and the impossible loss of her son to create a safe and fun environment for sober young adults. As a psychotherapist who works with addiction, my clients often complain of boredom and loneliness in sobriety. BIGVISION lets young adults in recovery experience new activities (go-karting, trapeze school, ice skating, bowling, knitting, etc.) while socializing. Sobriety is difficult when so many recreational activities in our society center around drugs and alcohol. BIGVISION helps to redefine fun for sober young adults. As a volunteer, I have had the privilege of watching participants experience pure joy and a natural adrenaline rush as they learn a new skill and make new friends who understand what they are going through. I am such a fan of BIGVISION that I now keep their basketball stress balls in my office for clients to play with. It is a great way to start a conversation about BIGVISION and the sober opportunities it offers for young adults in the big city. It has become a core component of the relapse prevention plans I make with my clients."

-Jaclyn Einstein
Psychotherapist and Addiction Counselor


"BIGVISION is a ground-breaking organization that is filling the gap of sober supports for young adults in New York City. Outside of treatment, keeping young adults active, social and having fun is imperative to their relapse prevention. Through experiential activities, I have witnessed them gain access to a greater sense of belonging, joy, freedom and confidence, which are the fundamental qualities for long-term sobriety."

-Adrienne Glasser, LCSW
Director of Present Moment Psychotherapy


"Because BIGVISION transcends agency and organizational boundaries, it unites major providers in the substance abuse field for a common cause: offering fun and enjoyment for youth in sobriety. I have seen firsthand how BIGVISION brings young people together and inspires connection, camaraderie, and, most importantly, fun in the recovery process.  I feel grateful to have been a part of BIGVISION's growth and the hope they share with the young adult recovery community in Manhattan."

-Danielle Porto
Psychotherapist in Private Practice

"The kids really enjoyed it. I sat right in back of them and I could see up close how much they got out of it. A room full of smiles. Congratulations!"

-Sharon Inkeles
Friend and Supporter of BIGVISION

“BIGVISION NYC is an important part of the New York City recovery community. The thought of sober socializing always seemed boring to me, but BIGVISION’s events have shown me that alcohol is definitely not required to have fun. Their weekly events provide interesting ways to socialize among a diverse group of people. If there was something like BIGVISION in my hometown, I probably wouldn't have drank the way that I did.”

-Tawny Lara
Founder of


“In a very short period of time, BIGVISION has promoted and enhanced the recovery of dozens of young people in New York working to overcome their addictions.”

-Gloria Anderson, M.S.
Supervisor CD Program
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

"When Eve announced she was launching BIGVISION, I thought to myself, "Wow...what a great idea, so long overdue”. Her willingness to use her own heartbreaking loss to create life-enhancing, and potentially life sustaining opportunities for young people struggling with substance use issues is an amazing gift. A gift to every program and provider trying to help. A gift to every family trying to help their child. And a gift to every young adult trying to find their way in this world without substances. Thank you, BIGVISION!"

-Carrie Wilkens
Clinical Director and Co-Founder
Center for Motivation and Change


"BIGVISION is a warm and welcoming community that enables young people in recovery to not only have sober fun, but to overcome challenges and connect with others in profound ways. I know that our clients are in the best hands when they attend BIGVISION events, and I know they will be wearing bright smiles the next day, brimming with positivity; many continue to attend events on their own even after completing treatment, as the organization becomes a part of the fabric of their lives. A guiding light for young people, BIGVISION is a reminder that while the journey of recovery can be difficult, there is still so much to celebrate."

-Zakeeyah Khan
Educational Alliance
Center for Recovery and Wellness


"So often we hear young people express their desire for healthy and enjoyable alternatives to drug use in and around New York City. BIGVISION is creating a warm and welcoming space that provides young people with a plethora of fun choices for them to engage with each other and help build sustainable recovery. It is critical that invaluable programs such as BIGVISION have the support they need so that young people have the opportunity to connect with one another in safe environments that are peer-led and peer-driven."

-Stephanie Campbell
Director of Policy
Friends of Recovery NY

"My biggest fear in getting sober was centered around how my life was going to be after I put down the drink and drugs. Questions kept running through my head: “What would socializing look like? Where would I go to meet people? How would I date? How would I meet other sober people?” All of these questions kept me from getting sober for about a year.

Personally, I had to learn how to socialize and make new friends once leaving treatment. The first time I was able to do that was at a 12 Step Fellowship, and I’ve been going full steam ahead ever since. I learned over time that it is really important for me to incorporate other layers of activities to keep myself occupied and challenged. BIGVISION helps with that.

BIGVISION is an amazing organization, where I get to meet other people in recovery who are interested in expanding their social network. And more importantly, a place to have FUN!! For me sobriety needs to be fun, entertaining, challenging, passionate, and social, or I get bored and isolate.

I love the wide variety of events that BIGVISION puts on, such as the trapeze, go-karting, and miniature golf. I find that events like these get me outside of my comfort zone and enable me to challenge my fears. These events have given me the opportunity to meet other young adults, have fun, and share a common bond of sobriety."

-Jason Arsenault
Senior Manager Recovery Coaching and Community Relations
Mountainside Treatment Center


"I have been in recovery for over 9 years now, and it's common to experience death and loss in our world. It's common to meet amazing and wonderful people, and never see them again. The odds are so stacked against myself as well as others struggling with addiction.

What's uncommon is to stand up for the people who are still struggling after they go through a loss. What's uncommon is to care so much about people you hardly even know. BIGVISION does that.

I hope that BIGVISION can save at least one life, that at least one person will hear the message of recovery through fun and sober activities and events. That one person will become inspired to come out and fight against the stigma.

I am so grateful and lucky to be a part of this life-changing organization."

-Mitchell Leff
Director of Strategic Operations
City Recovery


"Caron Treatment Centers is proud and honored to partner with BIGVISION in working together to support young adult recovery. BIGVISION provides much needed creative, innovative, and fun activities and projects that add depth and meaning to the 'recovery life'. Personally, getting clean and sober in my twenties was quite challenging and I found great rewards in being a part of substance-free activities. BIGVISION is all about that and more!"

-Todd Whitmer
Regional Vice President
Caron NY