Eve Goldberg, Founder

Eve founded BIGVISION in January of 2015, a year after the death of her 23-year-old son, Isaac, who died of an accidental drug overdose. She was motivated to do something to help young adults in recovery in New York City learn to live fun, meaningful, sober lives. Her goals are to help people learn to survive sober and have fun with others like them, create a community where lifelong friendships and connections can be made, and get rid of the shame and stigma attached to any substance-related disorder. Eve is part of a wonderful family business operating in New York for over 50 years. She has now committed to make BIGVISION a reality by creating fun and meaningful events and building a community center where the BIGVISION "family" can enjoy themselves in a cool, hip, substance-free environment.


Neil Wallin, Co-Founder

Neil Wallin co-founded BIGVISION with his wife Eve Goldberg. In his role as a stepdad, Neil's loss of Isaac was profound, as they bonded from the moment they met in 2010. Their shared loves included basketball, food and a thirst for trivial and meaningful knowledge. Neil's entrepreneurial passion had previously been channeled towards the fields of restoration and restaurants. Neil recently created an upscale boutique matchmaking, coaching and mentoring service called The Soulmater, whose profits will help support BIGVISION activities. Neil and Eve work side-by-side in their downtown office strategizing, planning and implementing their ideas to the benefit of the entire BIGVISION community.



Christine Jeberg, Director of Operations

Christine Jeberg, a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, is the Director of Operations and began working at BIGVISION in August of 2015. Christine graduated Northeastern University with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology and worked in the legal field, first as a Paralegal and then as a Client Liaison and Case Manager. Christine grew up with alcoholism in her family and has always been passionate about working with young adults in recovery. Utilizing these professional and personal experiences, Christine strives to build an energetic, vibrant and positive BIGVISION Community through sober events and life skills activities.



Max Hirsh, Young adult advisor

In 2001 Max met Isaac and they became best friends. Their friendship continued through high school and they ultimately weathered addiction together. In June 2012, at the age of 22, Max began his recovery and renewed his life. He has made a commitment to help others overcome addiction and learn to love themselves without drugs and alcohol. Max completed his Bachelor’s degree at Temple University and is working towards earning a master’s degree in Social Work. He one day plans to create a wilderness and recreational therapeutic rehabilitation center.